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Marketing Tips

You have set up your new business in Vancouver, BC and now you need customers to make your business profitable. In order to market your business successfully, here are our top 10 marketing tips.

1- Have your professionally designed business cards ready.

2- Make a list of all your contacts and let them know about your products and services.

3- Have a company web site and get it done by a professional web design company.

4- Promote your web site online.

5- Be in Yellow Pages and CanPages.

6- Be in Google Local Business Center.

7- Setup your own referal system and offer a referal fee to your contacts.

8- Have an annual marketing plan and annual marketing budget.

9- Ask your customers " how did they find your business?" and eliminate your
advertising sources that are not bringing you enough customers and save your money.

10- Check what your competition offer and develop a strategy to compete.

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